Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Basic Boob Tube

Item Code: 0029
Fits UK 4 - 10

Colours Available
White *SOLD OUT*

I guess this item needs no explanation... its every girl's basic need... Do bear in mind that it is a half tube not a long tube...

(FREE if you purchase with any other garment which may require a tube)

Ribbon Pinafore

accidentally deleted the post... ;p

Eyelet Tube

Item code: 0014
Fits UK4 - 8

Colours Available
Black *Reserved*

Here, we have an eyelet tube that comes with a detachable white satin sash. The smoked back gives a perfect fit so that we won't end up adjusting the tube top now and then when we are out partying or even on a date. Do note that the price is a little higher then usual due to its thick and high quality material.

RM 40 RM 35

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Satin Flow

Item Code: 0030
Fits UK 4 - 10

Colours Available
Green *SOLD*

An elegant satin dress... A detechable satin sash comes along with it.. This dress hides any bumps you may have after a nice meal!! The bat wing sleeves gives a nice flow to the dress...

RM 52


Satin Sash

Item Code: 0020
Fits UK8-10
Colours Available
Black (with orange flowers) *SOLD*
Brown (with black flowers) *Last piece!!*

This piece is oh-so-satiny! The flower design makes this piece so elegent.. It smoked at the back and has a lovely sash which is not detechable..

RM 38

Bead It

Item Code: 0019
Fits UK 6 - 10

Colours Available
Black *SOLD*
Grey *SOLD*
Yellow *SOLD*
Orange *SOLD*
White *LAST PIECE!!!!*

A tube top or a halter top? You decide... The shiny black beads makes up the halter neck piece.. Comes in 5 different colours for you to pick from! Oh! It has a padding sewn into the top! So, you need not wear a bra!!

RM 32

4" Peep Toe

Item Code: 0031

Sizes Available
35 (vincci 4) *LAST PAIR!!!!!*
36 (vincci 5) *SOLD*
37 (vincci 6) *SOLD*
38 (vincci 7) *SOLD*
39 (vincci 8) *SOLD*

Colour - Black

Our first pair of heels... 1st, we were drooling over the 4 inch heel!! 2nd, the peep toe cutting is so gorgeous! the workmanship is worth your every cent, that we promise you!

RM 60
*Not Restockable*